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 VW Aircooled Engine Service Schedule:

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VW Aircooled Engine Service Schedule: Empty
PostSubject: VW Aircooled Engine Service Schedule:   VW Aircooled Engine Service Schedule: Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2014 1:46 am

I'm sure you all have your own ides but here is mine.

VW Aircooled Engine Service Schedule:

Every 3000 miles - Maintenance
Engine Oil should be changed
The rubber breather (if still fitted) on the crank case breather should also be checked and unblocked

Every 6000 miles - Inspection
Check the tension & condition of the fan belt
Check the dwell and ignition timing
Compression test (VW) recommend)
Check the exhaust for rust and damage
Check the function of all exterior and interior lights
Check clutch pedal free play
Check rear drive-shaft Boots for damage and cracking
Check front beam dust seals for a proper fit
Check play in steering box, tie rods and ball joints/King & link pins
Visual inspection of all brake components for leaks and damage (including fluid leaks from drum, slave cylinders and callipers)
Check brake pedal free play and adjust as required
Check handbrake adjustment and adjust as required
Check brake fluid level
Check brake pad/shoe thickness
Check tyres and Tyre pressures
Check operation of windscreen wipers and condition of blades

Every 6000 miles – Maintenance
Change engine oil
Check and adjust valve clearances
Check and adjust dwell and ignition timing
Check and adjust idle speed
Lubricate door hinges, bonnet and engine lid hinges and catches
Check gearbox oil level and top-up if required
Grease front beam and (if your car has additional) any other grease nipples

Every 12000 miles – maintenance
Replace breaker points and adjust dwell and timing
Visual inspection of dizzy cap and rotor arm
Replace spark plugs

Every 18000 miles – maintenance
Clean and refill oil bath air cleaner
Lubricate front axle (and other grease nipples)

Every 24000 miles – maintenance
Check and replace if required distributor cap, rotor arm and plug leads

Every 30000 miles – maintenance
Clean and re-pack front (and rear – if you have IRS) wheel bearings

Every 2 years – maintenance
Replace the brake fluid


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VW Aircooled Engine Service Schedule:

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